Sunday Morning Worship in Hampton, Virginia

The Bible tells us in Hebrews 10:25, "And let us not neglect our meeting together" (New Living Translation). Gathering for the expressed purpose of seeking God provides a great benefit to both the individual and the corporate body. The Sunday morning worship services at Faith Outreach in Hampton, Virginia, are designed for teenagers and adults from all walks of life.

Sunday Morning Worship
A typical Sunday morning service is characterized by lively and engaging worship designed to allow intimate time with God for the individual and the corporate body. Worship is an activity where the more you participate, the more you will be blessed. However, we allow people to worship God at the intensity in which they are comfortable.

Prayer Time
Prayer is an important part of our spiritual life, so naturally, a time of prayer is part of our service. During worship, those desiring prayer are invited to come. Some come to quietly seek God at the altar, while others seek the help of our prayer partners. Those needing prayer, though not desiring to come forward, can raise their hands and a prayer partner will be happy to come to them.

Church, Sunday Morning Worship in  Hampton, VA

A Message from God's Word
During each service, we have a message from God's Word. We believe the Bible is an owner's manual for our lives issued directly by God. When we follow the Bible, we find the peace, success, and joy that life has to offer. Our pastor strives to offer 30-minute meals for our soul.

Tithing Is Welcome
During the time for greeting and tithing, we offer you the opportunity to bring your tithe into the storehouse. While that is happening, we greet and have fellowship with one another.

Do you need a place to worship God? Contact us in Hampton, Virginia, for more information about our Sunday morning services.